IT Excellence in Supported Housing

ClouDigs is a "Born in the Cloud" solution for Supported Housing which enables better service provision at a lower cost. ClouDigs is built to simplify the service interaction between registered providers, home providers, support workers and referral agencies. ClouDigs can be used from any device for all task management with data updated and reported in "real time". 

Importantly, ClouDigs assists in reducing the reliance on paper based information and paper based procedures with the operational aim of removing paper completely.

Understanding IT for Supported Housing

The primary objective of ClouDigs is to provide a cloud solution which best serves Supported Housing for everyone. To achieve this ClouDigs provides easy to use modules for registered providers (charitable associations), home providers, support workers and referral agencies. The task management for all users is coordinated from a cloud system addressing all operational processes in a single solution. 

The complete end to end process from referrals to the support care programme for residents allows all staff to be fully digitally connected from any device for all aspects of care.

One key design objective of ClouDigs is the provision of role based access which simplies the use options and reporting for the different stakeholders in Intensive Housing Management. This means that support workers, home providers, registered providers, housing associations, referral agencies and potentially residents themselves have access to a system where only appropriate options are presented.

A resident sensitive referral process identifying the right home environment

During the referral process, agencies can access ClouDigs to identify the most appropriate housing  environment. ClouDigs provides  "real time" bed availability and a "real time" sensitive care rating assessment which helps in the selection of appropriate households for residents. Once an appropriate household is identified, ClouDigs provides the facility for quickly and easily setting up an interview and notification with the home provider.

Accurate and reliable data capture to simplify regulatory service compliance 

ClouDigs is designed with facilities and reporting for all stakeholders and users of the system. Specifically, the role based access of ClouDigs enables the appropriate level of use options and reporting to assist in regulatory compliance.

Easy to use property management and rent management modules

ClouDigs provides a comprehensive property management system where individual property records can be created and maintained. Key property information such as address, number of rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, health & safety certification can all be readily managed with task management for all property maintenance. Follow up reminders assist in this work and importantly "real time" reporting is available for room lists and occupancy levels. This "real time" reporting is a great facility for managers with large estates and for estates where there is a high frequency of change in residencies.

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